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Post by knightk on Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:14 pm

My Background:

I come from -ASH-. As many of you know TeamGB and -ASH- merged some time ago to form GB-ASH. I (my second account) am currently the vice host of -ASH-, but I am in charge of that alliance as well. In -ASH- I promoted a higher prestige member to host, who is currently inactive, because my second account only has 30k prestige. There are still members coming over from -ASH-. Anyone who may get expelled (see Expelling Members below) from GB-ASH will get an invite for -ASH- in case they decide to continue playing. I have made the requirement for the transition from -ASH- to GB-ASH 100k prestige. If this is confusing or you have questions, just ask.


Promotions are bases on how active a member is. Active means being online often and chatting with other members.

Expelling Members:

Inactive members, starting with the lowest prestige, will be expelled when there is a new recruit to take their place. An inactive member with high prestige will be the last to be expelled in order not to affect the overall rank of the alliance. Anyone who may get expelled from GB-ASH will get an invite for -ASH- in case they decide to continue playing. They will have the opportunity to grow to 100k prestige and rejoin this alliance.

Game Plan:

As with any game plan, this one will be steadily evolving and changing to meet daily challenges. At this point in time we have a major threat to the alliance coming from TotalWar. Though we are being attacked, we have been for the most part been able to sustain the attacks. That brings me to the first action. We need to get our defenses up. That is the most important thing. Make sure to protect your cities by maxing out wall fortifications. The more archery towers the better, over 10k highly suggested. In addition, if you have a decent army, open your gates. The archers inside will fight alongside wall fortifications and you will take out more of the enemy troops.

WE NEED TO REINFORCE EACH OTHER. There are stipulations though. Obviously, in order to be reinforced you must have an embassy and check the box to allow reinforcements. Also, if a player is inactive or has insufficient defenses, there will be a discussion on whether to reinforce or not. If there are hardly any archer towers, the reinforcing troops will be the only defense. Therefore, it may not be wise to reinforce. There are other situations as well when reinforcing may not be the best policy. Defending is much more effective than attacking TotalWar at this time, unless we can somehow catch a close member off guard and get back to defend (we will discuss this one).

As a means of defense and building larger forces I would like all larger members to acquire a lvl 10 npc and those who are able to, help smaller members acquire one. This can be done by working as a team. I have talked to some of you already about this, but we will address it on a per member basis.

VERY IMPORTANT, The fastest way to grow stronger in this game is to constantly attack NPCs, which will allow you to gain prestige and a whole lot of resources. Make sure to create a lvl 4 or lvl 5 NPC in all open flats around your cities. They take 8 hrs to regenerate, so the more the better. Flats change on a daily basis, so keep checking to see what the current lvl of a flat is. Please contact me or a promoted member if you do not know how to do this.

Attacking other alliances that are ranked lower than us (meaning a higher number than 59) is ok with me, unless they have a large group of cities close by. If they have a large group close by, we need to talk about strategy.


Roles were suggested by Dragonnz and Artus in an earlier group message and it is a good idea. I will be in charge of recruiting new members and expelling existing members. That does not mean I am the only one recruiting though. All members should keep a lookout for new players in their area, send mail or contact me to send the player mail. We want the alliance to keep growing. Also, if two or more promoted players (Officers, Presbyters, Vices) decide a member must be expelled, they have the right to do so. I will speak to promoted members to determine additional roles shortly.


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