Attacking barb cities...

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Attacking barb cities... Empty Attacking barb cities...

Post by puntushyd on Sun May 10, 2009 3:24 pm

Not written by me but very helpfull...

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Barb city lvl 1-10 resources/units/defenses table


I thought I'd share this table I made with everyone. This shows by barb city lvl what resources, units, and wall defenses each city will have. A barb city will take approx 1 hour to regenerate all to full (10% of the full amount per 6 minute tick). A barb city will also immediately regenerate approx 18% of all lost wall units each time some are destroyed. Example: if you destroyed 1000 towers and hit it again 1 second later 180 towers will be back. If you then destroy those 180 towers only 18% of those will reappear instantly. (This means that if you hit a barb city once and then come back approx 48 minutes later the wall units will have regenerated to 98% and the internal units and resources will be at 80%) Barb cities' loyalty regenerates at a rate of 2% per 6 minute tick. Good luck everyone.

Attacking barb cities... Barbci10


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